beeasy calls mobile application

beeasy has the unique online and mobile app beeasy Calls, which is a handy and functional tool for professionals and businesses to have full control of their telephone communication.

beeasy calls application is linked to our call center and enables you to:

  1. Check your calls in real-time.
  2. Categorize your calls.
  3. Categorize your contacts.
  4. Configure dynamic fields in your calls.
  5. Configure dynamic fields in your contacts.
  6. Automate creation of contact agenda.
  7. Ability to track call history for each customer.
  8. Appointment calendar.
  9. Simultaneus use of a calendar by  multiple users and reak-time update.
  10. Calendar configuration.
  11. Synchronize with google calendar.
  12. Synchronize with google contacts.
  13. Call recording capability.
  14. Interactive communication with your secretary for every call.
  15. Assign tasks to your secretary remotely.
  16. Send call details by email/sms.
  17. Send sms – appointment reminders to your customers.
  18. Multiple user levels: users who track all calls and users who only monitor calls made to them.
  19. Multiple call tracking filters.
  20. Display pending and processed requests.
  21. Real-time instructions configurations to call agents.
  22. Posibility of licencing the application.
  23. Statistical analysis and reporting of all calls.
  24. Ability to export in excel.
  25. Free use of the application by beeasy customers.

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