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In beeasy call management is our specialty! Our professional secretaries-agents operate from Monday to Friday 09:00 – 21:00 (24/7 for professionals who need it) to answer your calls as a highly trained employee would have done from your office. We are always ready to answer on your behalf, without worrying about holidays, sickness, vacation, salaries, allowances, overtime etc.

beeasy’s modern technology infrastructure and online applications can easily and instantly adapt and meet your own needs. Our experienced staff is responsible for managing your calls, whether inbound or outbound. 

We serve both your own corporate needs and your customers’, always offering responsible and professional service.

In order to understand the concept of beeasy virtual assistant, we will clarify what we don’t do!

We are not a simple and impersonal call center dedicated just to answer your calls.

In beeasy we offer specialized and personalized remote support, with deep knowledge of the subject and the specific features of your business.

Not just another call center. In beeasy we provide a wide range of office services, besides managing calls, practically doing what your personal secretary would do … but without offering you coffee!

We are not just a simple secretary. We also undertake the transcription of BoD meetings, the creation of power point presentations, e-mail management, blogging, social media etc. The hard working beeasy secretaries can take on e-mail handling, edit and send quotations, make follow up calls, enrich your company’s CRM, update your database, and organize newsletter and news campaigns.

beeasy has the unique online and mobile application beeasy Calls, which is a handy and functional tool for professionals and businesses to have full control over their phone communications and to manage their customers’ requests in the most effective way . The beeasy calls application is available for free to beeasy customers. Find out more about beeasy calls here.

beeasy offers quality and affordable solutions to freelancers, individuals and startups, as well as to large companies with organized call centers and increased needs.

We address professionals who:

1) Do not want to allocate resources to acquire a large and modern call center, which in addition to the cost of acquisition also entails maintenance costs.
2) Do not have room for the installation of a call center and/or secretarial offices.
3) Do not have the resources to employ a full-time secretariat.
4) Need extra support hours scattered throughout the day.
5) Want to effectively replace periods of leave, absenteeism, illness.
6) Are interested in creating economies of scale.
7) Want to use their human resources in more productive processes.
8) Want to entrust the management of their calls to well-trained, experienced and skilled employees.
9) Spend many hours in outdoor work and appointments.
10) Do not want to interrupt their work or appointments, in order to manage their calls.
11) Show fluctuations in customer and call traffic.

You can find more information about the different services we offer for various categories of professionals here

Your standard beeasy assistant offers:

1) Call management schedule beeasy: Monday – Friday, 09:00 – 21:00.
2) Replies with your company name or the host text that you give us.
3) Basic information about your company: Products, services, timetables, addresses, access and call management according to the communication scenario and the instructions you give us.
4) Book appointments based on time or other limitations according to your schedule.
5) Update your calls and appointments in real-time via our beeasy calls application, as well as via email and SMS.
6) Editing and managing calls and appointments by the customer in real-time, through our specialized application beeasy calls.
7) Real-time data analysis and report of your calls.
8) Automatically create contacts agenda.
9) Interactive communication with your secretary.

If you are not covered with all the above beeasy virtual assistant standard plan can be enriched with some of the following additional services:

1) Voicemail service.
2) Voice email service.
3) IVR.
4) Time extension (Saturday service, 24-hour service).
5) Orders receiving.
6) e-Shop management.
7) Outbound calls: appointment reminder, follow-up calls, customer update.
8) Forward call-transfer to a land line or mobile.
9) Database management and update.
10) Custom statistics/reports.
11) Interface with client’s call center.
12) Interface with client’s crm.
13) SMS service.
14) Send SMS on behalf of the customer.
15) Call recording (provided the client is licensed).
16) E-mails management.
17) Fax management.

Contact us to create a plan that perfectly serves the needs of your business.

The secret of success lies in economies of scale for all sizes of businesses. We offer the ability to deliver excellent service at low cost, making the difference of 10 points:

  1. Cost saving: beeasy virtual assistant service is priced and valued for what it actually costs, saving you the cost of acquiring and maintaining a large call center, the cost of operating equipment, office and appliances, as well as the cost of extra wages and overtime.
  2. Saving space: Call center agents, equipment and technology infrastructure occupy a lot of space that could be exploited for other needs of your company.
  3. Saving human resources: with lower operating costs than full or part time occupation. beeasy can work with your existing team by increasing their free time to take advantage of for other company activities.
  4. Response to traffic fluctuations: beeasy’s professional call center is definitely easier to respond to large increases or decreases in traffic without affecting the quality or permanently increasing the cost of your business.
  5. Improving customer support and service: beeasy has professional customer care consultants with experience and training that enables them to provide high quality service in extended business hours ensuring availability of service
  6. Increase productivity by maximizing business efficiency and dynamics.
  7. More effective scheduling of meetings and appointments
  8. Enhance your company’s Values and image, through your secretaries
  9. Devote your extra time to develop your business
  10. Discharge from time pressure due to faster processing of your work
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