Home internet

Wireless internet provider for Thessaloniki, smart solutions and high speeds for you who want fast internet at home and in your business, without commitments and unreasonable charges.

Enjoy really fast speeds on your home internet line!

Why settle for less, when you can get guaranteed fast Internet at low prices, with no hidden charges and with excellent service?

Are you working from home and your job requires long hours of internet use?
Are you a student and you want low cost but fast internet for your student house without commitments?
Do you need internet and telephone landline for a few months and not for the whole year?
Are you a gamer fan?
If you belong to the above categories or if you just want to belong to the new era and change provider, apply to beeasy!

Internet Plans

Download 1 file (300MB) in 1 minute


20 Mbps download

2 Mbps upload

Download 1 movie (2GB) in
14 minutes

Download 1 file (300MB) in
2 minutes

Upload 1 file (300MB) in
20 minutes

25 € / month *


30 Mbps download

3 Mbps upload

Download 1 movie (2GB) in
9 minutes

Download 1 file (300MB) in
1 minute

Upload 1 file (300MB) in
15 minutes

35 € / month *

*The prices include VAT 24% and special fixed telephony & Internet fee 5% +VAT24% which is valid according to article 55 of Law 4389/2016. 
*Fixed installation cost 80,00 € (including the use of equipment and 25 meters of cable). 
*In case of prepayment of 12 months subscription, a 10% discount applies.

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    Business internet

    Improve your daily life and that of your employees and spend your time where it is needed.

    beeasy offers customized and cost efficient solutions for all types of businesses, smaller and larger, depending on your needs.

    Our state-of-the-art wireless network allows us to carry high speeds even in inaccessible areas.

    You only need to be within the coverage areas of our network, which is constantly being upgraded and new areas are being added.


    Contact us for a free estimate of your internet speed needs, in order to suggest the ideal speed / price combination for you.