Task management tool

beeasy task management tool is an easy-to-use web application for assigning tasks and monitoring their progress. This is a Kanban board type application that works on 2 axes:

–  For assignment of tasks to the virtual assistant team of beeasy.

–  To assign tasks to the team of your company.

The application gives you the following features:

  1. Assign tasks to your team members or to beeasy and evaluate them according to their priority.
  2. Set completion deadlines.
  3. Create a contact list and assign tasks related to specific contacts.
  4. Use an appointment calendar.
  5. Relate a task to an appointment.
  6. Relate a task to a telephone communication.
  7. Check the performance and consistency of your team.
  8. Comment, communicate online and collaborate to complete a task.

Mobile application in combination with beeasy calls web app can literally make you feel like you have your office… EVERYWHERE!

This application is provided to beeasy virtual secretary clients but also to beeasy  virtual assistant clients.


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