Data Security – Reliability

beeasy is committed both to the existing legislation and the contracts it has drawn up with each of its clients, and to the implementation of the particularly stringent security rules it has established for all its personnel.

beeasy already complies with the General Privacy Policy – GDPR. To this end, it has appointed a Data Protection Officer.

beeasy has been contractually bound by all of its clients to strictly and faithfully observe confidentiality for all data processed in any way, with the duty of confidentiality of all the information it receives, on the occasion and in the provision of services to its subscribers or clients. The relative commitment to confidentiality (professional, medical, legal, personal data and, in general, any confidentiality exists in the context of each cooperation and requires confidentiality) concerns all collaborations that are implemented and has no end date.

Similarly, all of our associates and staff are committed both during and after their cooperation with beeasy in terms of ensuring confidentiality and non-disclosure of any confidential information relating to the business, activity, the personal or non-proprietary data of the parties and their clients or quasi-clients or interested parties about their services to any third party or non-authorized explicitly and in writing, legal or any other entity.

beeasy has internal rules on security, fire safety, as well as a regulation for the use of information and processing of personal data. Find out more about it here.

Access to the building that beeasy’s offices are located is controlled, there is a security door at the entrance and the entrance area is videotaped. At the main entrance of the building there is a door concierge, the entrance is sealed with a metal roll during non-working hours (evenings, Saturday-Sunday and public holidays). Safety-recording cameras cover the entrances of the company.

Entrance to the reception area, visitors area, administration’s offices, conference rooms and working areas of the company is strictly controlled by the use of security doors and electromagnetic locks that use RFID technology.

beeasy guarantees that it is the most trusted, reliable and responsible choice of remote secretarial support services, keeping your data safe in the following ways: 

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The company website (with all relevant webpages) has an updated security certificate (SSL) from a competent body and is immediately upgraded as soon as security updates are available. 

Supervision & control of working stations

An integrated RFID system controls personnel movements throughout the working areas and a security cameras circuit ensures supervision of the workspaces. 


beeasy’s personnel is selected with strict criteria and is subject to continuous training. Employees also sign a cooperation contract. 

Working stations

Desktops and laptops operate under Linux operating systems that prevent most malware. The ability to install software has been disabled by the administrator. Additionally, the ability to use storage media such as USB sticks, as well as any other media not approved by the administrator has been disabled. There is no access to the Internet or applications other than beeasy’s.

Servers room & data security

Servers are stored in a stand alone server room with independent access through a security door with RFID access control system. A security camera and fire control system are also installed. Mobile phone devices are prohibited in the area.

Professional responsibility

beeasy has professional liability insurance with a well-known insurance company.

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