Technical IT Support services

Technical IT Support services

At beeasy we offer high quality services for installation, configuration and support of network infrastructure, being the ideal partner for any business.

The outsourcing Technical support – IT services support of beeasy guarantees the smooth and secure operation of your work network through on-call services or  long term maintenance contracts. Either for repairing faults or for designing and implementing new projects, beeasy IT services support department is ready to provide reliable solutions.

The many years of experience of our executives in combination with the state-of-the-art technological infrastructures that we have, ensure the highest level of service to our customers. Whether it is installation of network infrastructure from the beginning or configuration of the existing one, we at beeasy offer you complete services so that the end result is the smooth operation of your business.

Your cooperation with IT services support department of beeasy can be done either on the basis of an annual maintenance contract, or with the pre-purchase of hours of technical support, or pricing per project.

Contact us, describe your needs and we will suggest the most advantageous and efficient solution.

Below you can see the areas of technical services we cover:

1) Wiring study.
2) Wiring installation.
3) Wiring/Scaffolding termination.
4) Scaffolding installation (Rack).
5) Fiber optic installation.
6) Fiber optic termination.
7) Powerline installation/configuration.
8) Customer needs analysis.
9) Economical and technical analysis of equipment based on customer needs (MikroTik, ubiquiti, cisco etc.).
10) Network and facility mapping.
11) Detection and resolution of wiring problems.
12) Installation of active Layer2 (switch) network equipment (MikroTik, ubiquiti, cisco etc.).
13) Configuration of active Layer2 (switch) network equipment (MikroTik, ubiquiti, cisco etc.).
14) Installation of active  Layer3 (router) network equipment (MikroTik, ubiquiti, cisco etc.).
15) Configuration of active Layer3 (router) network equipment (MikroTik, ubiquiti, cisco etc.).

1) Wi-Fi coverage  study for indoor and outdoor areas.
2) Economical and technical analysis of equipment based on the needs of the company (MikroTik, ubiquiti, cisco etc.).
3) Installation of wireless access points (MikroTik, ubiquiti, cisco etc.).
4) Configuration of wireless access points (MikroTik, ubiquiti, cisco etc.).
5) Custom configuration for specialized services.
6) Custom Wi-Fi solutions (MikroTik, ubiquiti, cisco etc.).
7) Study of radio links (MikroTik, ubiquiti, cisco etc.).
8) Installation of radio links (MikroTik, ubiquiti, cisco etc.).
9) Configuration of radio links (MikroTik, ubiquiti, cisco etc.).
10) Custom solutions using LTE equipment (3G, 4G).

1) Router simple configuration (MikroTik, ubiquiti, cisco etc.).
2) Advanced and custom router configuration (MikroTik, ubiquiti, cisco etc.).
3) Traffic Shaping.
4) Load Balance.
5) Fail Over.
6) QoS (Quality of Service) configuration.
7) VPN server installation (IPsec, PPTP, Open VPN, L2TP, SSTP).
8) VPN server configuration (IPsec, PPTP, Open VPN, L2TP, SSTP).
9) Custom solutions using VPN services.
10) HotSpot installation.
11) Customized HotSpot facilities for hotels and more (MikroTik, ubiquiti, cisco etc.).
12) Proxy server installation (MikroTik).
13) Proxy server configuration (MikroTik).
14) Advanced Layer2 (switch) equipment configuration (VLAN, STP etc.).
15) Firewall configuration (basic).
16) Firewall configuration (advanced).
17) Network monitoring and information services in case of failure.
18) Remote network management and troubleshooting services.
19) Remote business interconnectio services (branches).
20) Implementation of network automation.

1) Space coverage study.
2) Installation of IP cameras (HikVision) and PTZ cameras.
3) Installation of a network camera (HikVision).
4) Camera IP configuration.
5) Network camera configuration.
6) Network configuration for camera use (IGMP).

1) Access control installation study.
2) Installation of access control system.
3) Access control system management services.
4) Interface of access control system with call centers.

1) PC installation.
2) Network and peripherals configuration.
3) Installation and configuration of office machines.
4) Fileserver installation.
5) Virtualization (VM etc.).
6) Installation and configuration of local networks.

1) Customer telephony needs analysis.
2) Economical and technical analysis of equipment.
3) Call center installation (asterisk, grandstream etc.).
4) Call center configuration (asterisk, grandstream etc.).
5) Configuration of VoIP devices/applications.
6) Custom telephony solutions (IVR, voicemail etc.).
7) Configuration of telephone network security mechanisms (firewall).
8) Remote call center and device support.
9) Remote connection of telephone devices.
10) Interconnection of branch call centers.

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